Recent projects

Our main task is the creation of software for the automation of work processes of various enterprises.

During the work we created the following software products:


We created this program specifically for owners of sports and health centers.

This program makes it easier for customers to record and search for clients, eliminates the confusion of staff schedules, implements the possibility of sending messages about new promotions and discounts, simplifies administrative and economic activities.

The system automatically creates a visit schedule based on the specified parameters, as well as the function of using user accounts. Allows to keep records of salaries of employees in accordance with their work schedule and services provided.


The program "Hospital" was created for private and public institutions.  

Automatic patient registration, medical history, tests, appointments, a separate deposit system linked to a magnetic stripe card, or an RFID card.  

In the software product, there are many functions - the account of employees and patients, the ease of calculating salaries, quick information retrieval, data confidentiality, an extensive knowledge base.

“IT University "

Any educational institution faces many difficulties, during the construction of educational processes - competent management of personnel, control over access to the territory of the institution, accounting of library literature, and administrative and economic activities.

We combined all these functions in the program complex "IT University", which includes modules "Library", "Accounting and control of material and technical resources" and "Electronic dean's office".

This program allows you to monitor the movement and attendance of students, to control the inventory and accounting of material resources, to exclude the possibility of unauthorized removal of library books, to get quick access to any information via the electronic dean's terminal.

“SMART Monitoring "

The SMART Monitoring software package is designed to monitor the operation of each bus.

This software product carries out functions of fuel control, operative management of movement of transport, control of the location, analysis of the efficiency of drivers, dispatch of notices of violations to e-mail or cell phone. All data of the satellite monitoring software is stored on the server.

The owner of the vehicle fleet can access them from any computer or PDA that has Internet access.